nəuz 1. noun
1) (the part of the face by which people and animals smell and usually breathe: She held the flower to her nose; He punched the man on the nose.) nese
2) (the sense of smell: Police dogs have good noses and can follow criminals' trails.) luktesans, nese
3) (the part of anything which is like a nose in shape or position: the nose of an aeroplane.) tupp, spiss, nese, forstavn
2. verb
1) (to make a way by pushing carefully forward: The ship nosed (its way) through the ice.) bane vei, rykke sakte framover
2) (to look or search as if by smelling: He nosed about (in) the cupboard.) snuse rundt
- nosey
- nosy
- nosily
- nosiness
- nose-bag
- nosedive
- nose job
3. verb
(to make such a dive: Suddenly the plane nosedived.)
- lead by the nose
- nose out
- pay through the nose
- turn up one's nose at
- under a person's very nose
- under very nose
- under a person's nose
- under nose
subst. \/nəʊs\/
1) nese
2) snute, mule, tryne
3) (overført) nese
keep your nose out of my affairs
ikke legg deg bort i mine saker \/ ikke stikk nesen din i mine saker
4) luktesans
5) teft
she has a (keen) nose for news
hun har teft når det gjelder nyheter
he has a good\/sharp nose
han har god teft
6) tut, spiss
the investigator studied the nose of the projectile
7) (på fartøy) forstavn
8) (på fly) nese
9) (slang) angiver
blow one's nose snyte seg, pusse nesen
count\/tell noses telle antallet tilstedeværende (ved votering) telle stemmer
cut off one's nose to spite one's face skyte seg selv i foten, lage selvmål, ødelegge for seg selv
do something under somebody's (very) nose gjøre noe rett for nesen på noen
follow one's nose gå dit nesen peker, gå rett frem
follow your nose and you're sure to find the place
gå dit nesen peker så finner du helt sikkert frem
get one's nose out of joint (hverdagslig) bli tråkket på tærne, bli fornærmet
don't get your nose out of jont; he probably didn't mean it like that
ikke bli så fornærmet; han mente det sikkert ikke slik
get up somebody's nose (hverdagslig) gå noen på nervene, være slitsom
keep one's nose clean (hverdagslig) passe seg, holde seg borte fra problemer
look down one's nose at (hverdagslig) rynke på nesen av, se ned på
make a long nose at peke nese til
on the nose hva lukt angår (austr., hverdagslig) stinkende
phew, something in here is seriously on the nose
fysj, et eller annet her stinker noe forferdelig
(amer., slang) på en prikk, akkurat (slang, hestesport) som vinner
pay through one's nose (hverdagslig) betale i dyre dommer
plain as the nose on one's face (hverdagslig) soleklart, klart som solen
see beyond (the length of) one's nose se lenger enn nesen rekker
speak through one's nose snakke i nesen
stick\/poke\/push\/put\/shove\/thrust one's nose into somebody's business blande seg opp i noens anliggender
thumb one's nose at peke nese til
turn one's nose up at something rynke på nesen ved\/over noe
win by a nose (hesteveddeløp) vinne med (en) nese
verb \/nəʊz\/
1) trykke nesen mot, trykke snuten mot
2) snuse på, lukte på
3) bevege seg sakte fremover
4) (også nose out) være, få teften av, spore opp, lukte seg til, snuse opp, få rede på
5) (også nose about, nose around) snoke, snuse rundt
6) (også nose out) slå med knapp margin
nose around for\/after snuse rundt etter
nose at snuse på
nose down (luftfart) stikke nesen ned, dykke
nose for\/after snuse etter
nose into snoke i
nose one's way through bevege seg sakte gjennom, lete seg frem gjennom
he nosed his way through the fog
han lette seg frem gjennom tåken
nose up (luftfart) stige

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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